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  • 201626176_OT501D_essay Question: Why does the author of Genesis include the creation account(s)? Abstract:  This essay attempts to answer the question about the purpose of the creation accounts in Genesis through a relatively detailed grammatical exegesis of several key moments in Genesis 1:1-2:3/2:4a and Genesis 2:4/4b-25, particularly the first sentence (Genesis 1:1), the creation of humanity in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-27) and the creation of Adam as an archetype of humanity in the image of God (Genesis 2:4-8) with reference to the original language and the literary form of the text. The argument then proceeds according to an assumption of the unity of the literary structure of Genesis in two sections—Genesis 1-11 (the ‘Primeval Histories’) and Genesis 12-50 (the ‘Patriarchal Narratives’)—which links God’s intentions and purposes in the creation accounts with the Abrahamic Covenant, which addresses the problem of sin and death recorded in the Primeval Histories following creation.
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